Star origami

Origami star schemaStar made of paper have a very aesthetic appearance, and they can come up with a wide variety of applications..

There are many ways of combining the stars in the style of origami, here we will try to collect the best instructions.

Origami star, of the modules

modular Origami star

the Model modular origami The star is formed on the basis of 5-identical modules. The complexity of the assembly will not be difficult, except for the last stage. Well, anyway, I wish you success.

Magic star-ring origami modules

Magic star-ring origami

Excellent modular origami model, has Repeat previous one feature, it can transform from a pointed star in the ring.

In order to replicate this classic model Mila Bob, you need eight small square sheets of paper. desirably smooth as ...

Stars from strips of paper

Asterisks from strips of paper Very simple to manufacture stars out of strips of paper origami-style. Stock up on colored paper strips of various widths and lengths.

Starry sky

Kirigami starry skyExcellent option cards origami-style. If you choose the right color of the paper, the card will look very impressive.

Shuriken origami

origami Shuriken Star - an ancient Japanese ninja weapons. Made of paper, he is not a deadly weapon but be careful not to throw them at other people.