Rose origami

Rose origamiRose is the queen of flowers the most mysterious and powerful. Who would not want to master the technique of making origami roses.

Having mastered quite simple instructions for performing a rose out of paper, you can leave an impression in the memory of loved ones forever. Decorated paper buds greeting card will be the original message, filled with warmth and sincerity.


Tea rose origami

tea rose origamiTea rose origami is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Folding process model is not very complex, but may require a creative approach in some places. Little technical issues..

A gift box with a rose

A box with a rose on top of origamiElegant gift box origami-style, with a rose on a lid. Manufacturing Boxes shown in detail in a video instruction.

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Very high quality book on origami flower. A lot of detailed diagrams of flowers, bouquets and vases. Colored diagrams and illustrations make the book very enjoyable to read. Enjoy.