Origami postcards

swan postcardWorld origami is so varied that sometimes seems to learn everything that is possible to create from plain paper, it is simply impossible. Actually we now face the task is not worth it. To perform a card with elements of origami, you can start with the basics, but even this will be enough to achieve the perfect result.

A big plus is that with this intricate technology, it is possible to make great souvenirs that will cost you absolutely free of charge. This option is very suitable for children, also because doing origami, they develop spatial concepts, logical thinking, memory and imagination, and what else is needed for proper development of the child.

Origami dog astronomer

astronomerOrigami dog astronomer. This scheme is also very easy to carry out. Will be a great gift for people who are interested in the stars. And also will delight young astronomers.

Postcard kirigami Elephant.

postcard kirigami elephantPostcard kirigami Elephant. A simple three-dimensional model. This card gives lightness and ease of plunging us into the world of childhood and joy. Great gift for children and adults who dream to be them.

Postcard origami swans

swan origamiPostcard origami swans. The scheme is simple to implement, just a few minutes in your hands such beauty! Two swans have always been a symbol of good luck in love, hearts that beat together. This card can also act as a talisman to attract your partner.

Dolphins origami

dolphin kirigamiBeautiful origami card with dolphins swim inside. Very simple in execution. Give a playful mood and sea smell.

3d card with the word Happy

happy card origami3d card with the word Happy. This is a very simple model kirigami, it is ideal for beginners. And be able to please your loved ones.

Deer kirigami

deer kirigami instructionVery nice proud a deer in the style of kirigami. You can use this model as an original greeting card, or just to decorate the interior.

Fascinating greeting cards / Faszinierende Grusskarten2

Fascinating greeting cards / Faszinierende Grusskarten

Great art paper architect Ramin Razani will be clear to all. The book presents many models kirigami. Artful objects are transformed into extraordinary three-dimensional greeting from mysterious geometric designs, impressive sculptures and images of art and architecture. The book contains precise patterns sweeps.

Crane in the heart of the model origami

Crane in the heart of the scheme origami

Another great origami model, which combines the classical scheme of a crane on a background of heart. It is noteworthy that the model is made of a single sheet of paper, and the effect is achieved because of the different colors on two sides of the sheet.

Valentine origami

Heart-Valentine origamiEasy to produce heart, perfect for a gift for Valentine's Day, because it can be used as otkrytochku with regards ...

Postcard "Happy Birthday"

happy birthday card

Pop-Up card origami-style "Happy Birthday". Just print out the scheme or move by hand on paper of a suitable color and density. I hope so. that there are no problems.

Pop-Up card "Love"

Pop-up postcard Love

Pop-Up card in the style of Kirigami "Love". Just print out the scheme or move by hand on paper of a suitable color and density.

Decorations city Mitla 3D

Orgamenty Gorobey Mitla 3D paper model of world famous ornaments found on the walls of the ancient city of Mitla, made in the style Kirigami.

Origami envelopes (4 types)

Envelopes of origami paperWant to make an original gift to their loved ones? Try to make one of the envelopes submitted from beautiful paper and sent by mail, or simply donate in person ...

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven kirigamiKirigami card - Stairway to Heaven. Print the chart and make the necessary folds.

Wave and sail - Kirigami

Kirigami Wave and Sail Diagram of this model consists of two kirigami images to be transferred onto a single sheet of paper, and then perform the necessary folds.

Starry sky

Kirigami starry skyExcellent option cards origami-style. If you choose the right color of the paper, the card will look very impressive.

Geometric Waltz

Geometric Waltz Postcard KirigamiAn incredible geometric shapes and lines betray this card kirigami rigor and sophistication. Use glossy paper medium density for optimal results.

Stone on water

Stone on water kirigamiThis model kirigami also can be folded like a postcard. This composition mimics the ripples on the water when falling stone.

Pueblo Real Estate - 3D model kirigami

Pueblo kirigami This paper model-imitation accommodations ancient Pueblo people. Hallmark of their homes was that they were located in staggered floors 5-6. The roof of the ground floor with a yard for the top.