Plane origami

Plane origamiOur paper planes origami to help you create your own military aviation. Attack aircraft and fighter such as fast as real. Paper gliders that you find here, fly very long, catching updrafts.

All paper airplanes origami presented in this category are made fairly easily. We hope that you get.


Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)Fans of one of the most popular science fiction movie in history under the name "Star Wars" are probably familiar with the star fighter Chi-Wing Fighter...

Plane super boom

plane super boomThe plane origami super boom. A very simple model of the seven steps and it is in your hands.

Origami Concord

concorde origamiOrigami Concord is one of the fastest aircraft. This is the original model airplane going in seven stages. Will complement your clothing collection of aircraft.

Papiroflexia-Eduardo Clemente

Origami book

Very decent book that will not get lost in your colection. The book contains b / w quality schemes origami models. The circuit is divided into 2 parts: the first detailed (for beginners), the second - an abridged version for experienced "origamsterov."

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Book)

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Book)

The book contains a number of schemes of paper airplanes. In it you will find the scheme as the classic models of aircraft, as well as original contemporary models. Some of the circuits are quite extensive, but it is quite detailed and should not create difficulties during folding.

Origami Avions de Papier

Paper airplanes Origami / Origami Avions de Papier Book

The book contains a model aircraft aparata made ​​of paper. 26 aircraft models origami representation for all ages , from beginners to experienced artists . Difficulty indicated for each model. Implementation models facilitated color illustrations that detail step by step the whole process of folding .

Origami on the Move

Duy Nguyen in motion Origami Book

There is no end of ingenuity Duy Nguyen, and that's why origami enthusiasts - and those who love trains, planes and automobiles - will welcome this book. To our readers on 17 cleverly constructed modes that provide many hours of fun.

Origami Aircraft Jayson Merrill

Origami planes Jayson Merrill 2006

Skilled craftsmen origami looking increasingly difficult tasks, and can find them in this thoroughly illustrated book. Clear instructions and step by step diagrams show how to build planes out of paper that can actually fly! Sixteen models, all made from square sheets of paper - are fully functional. Planes taking off, landing gear retracts, cockpit open and close.

Racing car made ​​of paper

Racing car from the paper

Since childhood, my favorite machine - the plane from the paper. Pretty simple circuit, and if at the end to add a little creativity, you can get quite a variety of models. Success.

Fighter of the paper

Fighter out of paper

Another model origami flying on topic. Excellent fighter in the aesthetic pleasure and the flying plane ...