Videos origami

Video origamiA selection of origami models, which has a video instruction folding. I suggest that you first try to put on a printed origami, drawing or photo-schemes. In my opinion it is more developed. However, it is difficult to fold complex models by printed instructions, here is just the form of schemes origami will be very helpful.

Sakuradama origami

sakuradamaSakuradama is another option kusudammy. In the final form looks Kusudama built of 12 cherry blossoms, from this very name. a model of modular origami. for its implementation you will need to fold the 30 modules. It is better to use a paper medium density, otherwise Kusudama can get pretty flimsy.

Ring of the dollar

Ring of origami out of the dollar Extravagant ring origami of the dollar bill. The scheme of the ring is quite simple, despite the rather extensive scheme of addition ...

A gift box with a rose

A box with a rose on top of origamiElegant gift box origami-style, with a rose on a lid. Manufacturing Boxes shown in detail in a video instruction.

Antique Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya)

Antique dragon origamiVery complex model origami Antique Dragon from the great master Satoshi Kamiya. To perform this model you need to choose the right paper to be patient, and through trial and error to try to achieve results.

Shrimp made of paper

Shrimp origamiThe original model of origami - shrimp. Shrimp is a crustacean that lives in the sea, and moreover, they are quite tasty delicacies)))

Swan (Quyet)

Origami swan Perhaps this is one of the most colorful in the style of origami swans. It is distinguished by a special grace and smooth lines.

Garland origami

garland of origamiBeautiful video diagram Christmas garland origami-style. For the manufacture of garlands to stock up on paper and patience :)

Ring with heart

Ring with a heart origami Quite beautiful rings of paper in the style of origami. Coupling scheme is quite simple, and I hope you do not take much effort. Give your family the warmth and joy ...

Valentine origami

Heart-Valentine origamiEasy to produce heart, perfect for a gift for Valentine's Day, because it can be used as otkrytochku with regards ...

Heart with wings

Origami heart with wings As you can see, the model origami heart with wings is a great job. The heart looks very neat, the wings are rather elastic, allowing them to look away ...

Heart with an arrow of the dollar

Heart with an arrow of the dollarSomeone said that love can not be expressed in money? This model origami heart with an arrow made of dollar bills dispel this myth ...

The movable scroll (Jeff Beynon)

The movable scroll origamiComplex model of the great masters of origami Jeff Beynon. The movable scroll, or as they call this model - "Spring in Action" is a great example of ...

Phoenix - Satoshi Kamiya

Phoenix - Satoshi Kamiya Phoenix from Satoshi is a real challenge to all masters of origami. Only the hardiest and experienced can replicate this masterpiece.

Existing PDF schema contains 170 steps and thus still remain many things that can confound.

Traditional Japanese kusudama

Traditional Japanese kusudamaTraditional Japanese kusudama is one of my favorites, because you do not need to use glue but you can just sew the flowers together. These flowers are very easy to fold and there are many different options for how to make different kusudamy using the same flowers.

Shuriken origami

origami Shuriken Star - an ancient Japanese ninja weapons. Made of paper, he is not a deadly weapon but be careful not to throw them at other people.