Vase origami

vase origami  Origami vase is very beautiful practical, and most importantly modern and stylish, for many vases can come up with dozens of different applications. Put a bouquet of paper flowers, or just to use as a small stylish organizer.

It is desirable to choose the right paper density, and then Vase origami will have the necessary stability.



Origami vase

Origami vaseVery simple instructions origami vase. To make the vase using a square sheet of heavy paper larger than 25 cm.

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino (Book)

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino

One of the best books on origami flower, contains a variety of high-quality patterns of flowers, leaves, twigs, etc. Complexity about average.

The quality of the book - excellent, b & w scheme

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Very high quality book on origami flower. A lot of detailed diagrams of flowers, bouquets and vases. Colored diagrams and illustrations make the book very enjoyable to read. Enjoy.

art pop Origami Flowers (Book)

Book art pop Origami Flowers

The book contains a lot of quality schemes origami flowers. Schemes are very detailed. and the book itself is very bright and colorful. For lovers of origami flower necessarily advise download.

Vase (bucket) in the style of origami

Bucket-vase in the style of origami bucket-ava

This bucket can be used for different purposes... For example popcorn is served to guests, or use it as a vase and put it in a bouquet of dried flowers. Many important decisions to be creative.

Origami Vase from modules

vase origami of the modules vase-mod Beautiful and very practical vase, gathered from the modules. For the manufacture of the first models will require ... 13 square sheets of paper of the same size in about three more than the expected base area ..


Vase of paperThe original is not deep flower vase, folding a single sheet of paper, paper size must be chosen for the desired size of the finished vase. Remember that the finished vase four times smaller than the initial sheet.