Swan origami

Origami swanSwan Paper is one of the popular models of origami. The natural beauty and sophistication of this beautiful animal forced make up new masters course and schemes in order to implement it on paper.

Many of the schemes are quite simple, but some will have to work on. Good luck to you and peace of mind.


Postcard origami swans

swan origamiPostcard origami swans. The scheme is simple to implement, just a few minutes in your hands such beauty! Two swans have always been a symbol of good luck in love, hearts that beat together. This card can also act as a talisman to attract your partner.

Swan origami by Roman Diaz

swan origami roman diazVery original origami swan instruction from the master Roman Diaz. Detailed explanations of the author to every step must help to facilitate the folding of the swan.

Origamania - Lionel Albertino(Book)

Book on origami Origamania - Lionel Albertino The book contains Origamania scheme rather complex origami models. This often animals and insects. The book is suitable for advanced users as well as beginners will be quite difficult to understand diagrams.

Swan from napkins scheme

Swan from origami napkins scheme

Another way to the original folding table napkins. This time, it's a beautiful swan in the style of origami.

Swan (Quyet)

Origami swan Perhaps this is one of the most colorful in the style of origami swans. It is distinguished by a special grace and smooth lines.

Swan (Robert J. Lang)

Swan  j.Lang Another very worthy model in the style of origami swan. This model invented the famous master of origami Robert J. Lang, I hope that you will enjoy the folding of this model ...

A pair of swans from one sheet

pair of swans origamiThe original model of origami David Derudas. Two swans from a single sheet of paper . Paper is desirable to take a two-way, then you can appreciate the beauty of the model, namely the fact that swans are obtained in different colors. Initially, try a piece of paper large enough. Successful folding ...