Gift origami

origami gift boxOften a gift made by hand is valued far more weight than the most expensive - is bought for money. Using the representation schemes origami you will be able to create a great masterpiece of paper and use it as a gift to loved ones.


Ring of the dollar

Ring of origami out of the dollar Extravagant ring origami of the dollar bill. The scheme of the ring is quite simple, despite the rather extensive scheme of addition ...

A gift box with a rose

A box with a rose on top of origamiElegant gift box origami-style, with a rose on a lid. Manufacturing Boxes shown in detail in a video instruction.

Heart from paper strips

Origami heart of the strips The heart of the strips of paper in origami style is perfect for Valentine's Day, and other manifestations of attention and love.

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino (Book)

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino

One of the best books on origami flower, contains a variety of high-quality patterns of flowers, leaves, twigs, etc. Complexity about average.

The quality of the book - excellent, b & w scheme

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Very high quality book on origami flower. A lot of detailed diagrams of flowers, bouquets and vases. Colored diagrams and illustrations make the book very enjoyable to read. Enjoy.

art pop Origami Flowers (Book)

Book art pop Origami Flowers

The book contains a lot of quality schemes origami flowers. Schemes are very detailed. and the book itself is very bright and colorful. For lovers of origami flower necessarily advise download.

Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (Book)

Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (Book)

The book contains a diverse set of schemes of boxes of paper detailing the steps in English. In it you will find the boxes from simple square (for storing various small items) to fine polygonal gift.

Swan from napkins scheme

Swan from origami napkins scheme

Another way to the original folding table napkins. This time, it's a beautiful swan in the style of origami.

Crane in the heart of the model origami

Crane in the heart of the scheme origami

Another great origami model, which combines the classical scheme of a crane on a background of heart. It is noteworthy that the model is made of a single sheet of paper, and the effect is achieved because of the different colors on two sides of the sheet.

Origami box with a lid

Box Origami Gorgeous box with a lid in the style of origami , Which can be safely used for the storage of small gizmos ...

Bag of gifts from the paper

Bag for gifts

This is just one of the many variants of the bag for gifts that invented and made famous Origami Vincent Floderer. This model differs grace the castle ...

Basket with Handle, Model from Paper

a Basket with a handle, model out of paper

Even very pretty, fabulous basket of securities. For example, for Red Riding Hood. The scheme is quite clear and self-explanatory is not required.

Ring with heart

Ring with a heart origami Quite beautiful rings of paper in the style of origami. Coupling scheme is quite simple, and I hope you do not take much effort. Give your family the warmth and joy ...

Valentine origami

Heart-Valentine origamiEasy to produce heart, perfect for a gift for Valentine's Day, because it can be used as otkrytochku with regards ...

Heart with wings

Origami heart with wings As you can see, the model origami heart with wings is a great job. The heart looks very neat, the wings are rather elastic, allowing them to look away ...

Boutonniere made ​​of paper

Posy of paper This model, which is clearly manifested in the creative gift of Ellis Grey and Paul Jackson is sure to bring pleasure to you and your loved ones. Fold it from two square sheets of paper of equal size, preferably with two-way color. Ideal for making buttonholes - a flower that is worn in the lapel. - Is the paper with the side of the square in the 7-8 cm

Heart with an arrow of the dollar

Heart with an arrow of the dollarSomeone said that love can not be expressed in money? This model origami heart with an arrow made of dollar bills dispel this myth ...

Lily in origami style

Scheme origami lily.Beautiful, and very simple lily, which consists of three modules. For the manufacture of one such lilies you need ...

Azalea flower origami

Azalea flower origami diagramAnother very effective scheme "flower" origami. To look at a flower seems simple, but the folding requires attentiveness and patience ...

Rose from Napkins

Rose of origami napkins schemeNo one knows who came up with a napkin folded in such a way, but more often it is associated with the invention of the name Stephen Voyssa. These cute crafts invented, as they say, once and for all ...