Frog origami

frog origamiIn this category you will find the best instructions origami  Frog. You'll learn how to quickly fold the origami jumping frog and please their children. We will also try to collect a lot of other interesting origami frog instructions in the style of origami frogs.

Frog Kawasaki

Frog KawasakiFunny frog Kawasaki. Origami average complexity. The scheme is very interesting. Frog is simply gorgeous and brings a smile. By the way it also can be used as a case of origami Halloween.

Frog by Jun Maekawa

Frog by Jun MaekawaOrigami frog by Jun Maekawa. Comfortable and good instruction pictures will be your acolytes. Complex scheme you need patience to get it.

Frog origami by Roman Diaz

frog origamiFunny version of origami frog from the master Roman Diaz. Despite the simplicity of instruction frog gets quite original look.

Frog jumping

origami frogThis is a classic model of a frog that does not require descriptions, I think everyone had met previously with this model. This mobile model. Doing it out of construction paper, the frog will be able to jump high enough.