Paper flowers

Paper flowers Nothing beats a beautiful, exquisite delicate rose made ​​in the style of origami. Such a gift will make melt anyone who happen to get it ...

Paper flowers, though not possess the aroma of living plants, but in no way inferior in beauty and grace.

In this section, find the best scheme of paper flowers in the style of origami . Good luck to you !!!


Iris Paper

Iris PaperBeautiful representative origami flower - iris. The model takes a very realistic look, if you choose the right paper. It should not be very hard, and preferably with a matte finish.

Flower bell

Bell flower out of paperThe scheme of the model represented by the flower is quite simple, and I think it will not be difficult. To achieve 100% similarity with the sample bells should use paper with a versatile coating.

Iris - Kawasaki

Iris origami - KawasakiGorgeous model of the great masters of origami Toshikazu Kawasaki. Like all models in Kawasaki, this flower Iris paper distinguishes severity of lines and shapes. Adding a fairly detailed scheme and should not be a problem despite its bulk.