Paper flowers

Paper flowers Nothing beats a beautiful, exquisite delicate rose made ​​in the style of origami. Such a gift will make melt anyone who happen to get it ...

Paper flowers, though not possess the aroma of living plants, but in no way inferior in beauty and grace.

In this section, find the best scheme of paper flowers in the style of origami . Good luck to you !!!


Withered tree origami

withered tree origamiIt's hard to believe that the models that appear in the photos made of paper and are related to origami. However, it is true. However, the technique of their implementation is far from classical technique of origami. Who is brave and creative, please try to repeat these masterpieces.

Flamingo flower

flamingo paperFlamingo flower or Anthurium would say florists. Easy and fun circuit is truly a beautiful flower. in the course of this origami will be interesting to repeat these gorgeous geometric shapes that are endowed with the nature of this flower.

Tea rose origami

tea rose origamiTea rose origami is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Folding process model is not very complex, but may require a creative approach in some places. Little technical issues..

Gorgeous bouquet origami

gorgeous bouquet origamiGorgeous bouquet of origami-style, they can be decorated with any card and please your loved ones. You can make any changes to it, which is closer to you. Just want to warn you that you will need patience and knowledge of basic techniques to cope with this task.

Leaves of paper

leaves paperSimple origami from square sheet of paper, can be done even from the sticker. Easy performed a small miracle that can be used in the decorations in the interior and applique.

Lily Kusudama

Lily Kusudama

This kusudama going from 13 buds lilies, coupling scheme which you can find on our website ...

A gift box with a rose

A box with a rose on top of origamiElegant gift box origami-style, with a rose on a lid. Manufacturing Boxes shown in detail in a video instruction.

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino (Book)

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino

One of the best books on origami flower, contains a variety of high-quality patterns of flowers, leaves, twigs, etc. Complexity about average.

The quality of the book - excellent, b & w scheme

art pop Origami Flowers (Book)

Book art pop Origami Flowers

The book contains a lot of quality schemes origami flowers. Schemes are very detailed. and the book itself is very bright and colorful. For lovers of origami flower necessarily advise download.

Stand-flower under the cup in style origami

Stand for glasses

Beautiful stand for dishes with a flower in the style of origami. This model complements your decor, and bring some zest. It is advisable to use a thick glossy paper measuring at least 15 x 15cm otherwise the latter stages will be difficult to make the necessary settings.

Boutonniere made ​​of paper

Posy of paper This model, which is clearly manifested in the creative gift of Ellis Grey and Paul Jackson is sure to bring pleasure to you and your loved ones. Fold it from two square sheets of paper of equal size, preferably with two-way color. Ideal for making buttonholes - a flower that is worn in the lapel. - Is the paper with the side of the square in the 7-8 cm

Lily in origami style

Scheme origami lily.Beautiful, and very simple lily, which consists of three modules. For the manufacture of one such lilies you need ...

Azalea flower origami

Azalea flower origami diagramAnother very effective scheme "flower" origami. To look at a flower seems simple, but the folding requires attentiveness and patience ...

Rose from Napkins

Rose of origami napkins schemeNo one knows who came up with a napkin folded in such a way, but more often it is associated with the invention of the name Stephen Voyssa. These cute crafts invented, as they say, once and for all ...

Tulip Paper

Origami tulipEasy to manufacture tulip paper origami-style. Bud is formed on the basis of the basic forms of a double square and petal in turn begins with BF kite.

Classic tulip origami

Classic tulip origamiThis is perhaps the most popular option scheme Tulip origami-style. This model is ideal for familiarizing children to the art of origami, as it requires no complex actions.

Tulip number 3

TulipAnother very popular model is related to the classic tulip oregano. The difference between this tulip from the rest is that the bud looks like blossoming tulip.

Traditional Japanese kusudama

Traditional Japanese kusudamaTraditional Japanese kusudama is one of my favorites, because you do not need to use glue but you can just sew the flowers together. These flowers are very easy to fold and there are many different options for how to make different kusudamy using the same flowers.

Lotos origami

Water Lily of napkinsThis is a great origami model Waterlily. Its main advantage is that it can easily be folded at the table of ordinary cloth.