Dove origami

dove origami  The dove is a very popular model origami. There are a whole lot of schemes origami both classical and modular, kirigami, etc. Here we will try to collect the best scheme.

Dove origami paper

dove of paper in the style of origami dove-avaVery simple and nice model of origami - Dove. The model is suitable for beginners and children to the masters, so as not complicated and has small parts. Grow with joy.

Origami Dove (single chart)

Dove simple origamiAnother model Dove origami-style. The model is quite simple and does not differ difficult technical passages in the coupling scheme. It is ideal for entry-level masters of origami. Good luck to you.

Swift dove or other bird

Swift origamiA simple circuit in the style of origami birds. The model is ideal for children and beginners origamistam.