Money origami (dollar bill)

Money origami (dollar bill)The brightest, the most provocative figures are from dollar banknotes. We offer several unique instructions that simply amaze your creativity.

Money origami can be used as talismans to attract money into the house to use as well as decoration of the Christmas tree, for an abundance of money in the new year and make a lovely holiday gifts.

Rabbit wietnames money

rabbit origamiThis rabbit was designed for folding with wietnames money whichhas the dimensions are close to 1X2. You can olso use a scquare by folding two edges to the center, and the result wont have color-change. For best result use a 1X2 rectangle and wet - folding.

Ring of the dollar

Ring of origami out of the dollar Extravagant ring origami of the dollar bill. The scheme of the ring is quite simple, despite the rather extensive scheme of addition ...

The elephant of the dollar

The elephant of the dollar For the first attempts to use a rectangular sheet of paper with sides of 3 to 7, but the bigger size of dollar bills, it will facilitate folding.

Heart with an arrow of the dollar

Heart with an arrow of the dollarSomeone said that love can not be expressed in money? This model origami heart with an arrow made of dollar bills dispel this myth ...

The heart of the dollar 2

heart of the dollar origamiPretty decent model dollar origami heart with an arrow. Ideal festive interior decoration and original gift.

Carp from the dollar

Carp from the dollar origamiThis model origami can be a wonderful gift for someone not indifferent to fishing or fish breeding. Carp of the dollar is very complicated design model origami money from the master Won Park.

Shuriken origami

origami Shuriken Star - an ancient Japanese ninja weapons. Made of paper, he is not a deadly weapon but be careful not to throw them at other people.

5 Tetrahedrons

5 Tetrahedrons model origami

This amazing unit created Tom Hull. use the idea of Francis Dy, who once invented a simple tetrahedron: frame made ​​of six separate spacers.