Movable origami

fireworks-avaMovable Origami is a very interesting and original origami models, as are magic. It's so fascinating - to get a piece of paper is not only to take definite form, but also to carry out what is beautiful movements.

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)Fans of one of the most popular science fiction movie in history under the name "Star Wars" are probably familiar with the star fighter Chi-Wing Fighter...

Frog Kawasaki

Frog KawasakiFunny frog Kawasaki. Origami average complexity. The scheme is very interesting. Frog is simply gorgeous and brings a smile. By the way it also can be used as a case of origami Halloween.

Origami Concord

concorde origamiOrigami Concord is one of the fastest aircraft. This is the original model airplane going in seven stages. Will complement your clothing collection of aircraft.

Frog jumping

origami frogThis is a classic model of a frog that does not require descriptions, I think everyone had met previously with this model. This mobile model. Doing it out of construction paper, the frog will be able to jump high enough.

Crane Origami (difficult model)

Crane flapping, origamiModel movable origami crane flapping wings. Robert Lang, author of the model. The scheme is quite complex and may require your patience. But I have is correct, that you will succeed, even if perhaps not the first attempt.

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

TheOld, but a very good book in English. The scheme is quite detailed, so that knowledge of the language is not necessary. Very diverse and interesting models. Admirers of origami swing necessarily...

Origami in Action - Robert J.Lang

Origami in Action book on origami

The book is dedicated origami models that have moving parts. This and various birds, flapping wings, talking animals, catapults, and much more. Schemes are very legible and understandable ..

Bird flaps its wings

bird origami flapping wingsAnother model of mobile origami. At this time it is unknown bird but I liked it and I hope that you will not do her side. Success.

Duck flapping wings

duck flapping wings origamiModel mobile origami duck flapping wings - is a model of medium complexity Origami Robert Lang.

Surprise box origami

Surprise box origamiAn interesting model origami Surprise in the box. After completing the model, you can play your loved ones by giving them a gift here.

The movable scroll (Jeff Beynon)

The movable scroll origamiComplex model of the great masters of origami Jeff Beynon. The movable scroll, or as they call this model - "Spring in Action" is a great example of ...


flexiboll Quite an interesting model of modular origami origami master Jorge Pardo . The model consists of a square sheet of paper measuring about 10 x 10 cm