Modular origami

Modular origamiModular origami is a fairly new type of origami models which are created from multiple connected together identical (often) fragments or links. These models are very unusual and colorful, and always will amaze you with its diversity.

It should be noted that collect the final model of the modules are usually much more difficult than for her to do the required number of units. Create any module origami takes time, perseverance and accuracy. This section contains a lot of instructions and diagrams of modular origami. Good luck !!!


Puzzle of the bars origami

Origami puzzle from bars An entertaining puzzle master origami origami proposed by Peter Ford. Of the six modules-bars must collect design shown in the picture.

Shuriken origami

origami Shuriken Star - an ancient Japanese ninja weapons. Made of paper, he is not a deadly weapon but be careful not to throw them at other people.

5 Tetrahedrons

5 Tetrahedrons model origami

This amazing unit created Tom Hull. use the idea of Francis Dy, who once invented a simple tetrahedron: frame made ​​of six separate spacers.