Modular origami

Modular origamiModular origami is a fairly new type of origami models which are created from multiple connected together identical (often) fragments or links. These models are very unusual and colorful, and always will amaze you with its diversity.

It should be noted that collect the final model of the modules are usually much more difficult than for her to do the required number of units. Create any module origami takes time, perseverance and accuracy. This section contains a lot of instructions and diagrams of modular origami. Good luck !!!


Accordion Box - Ayako Kawate

Accordion Box - Ayako KawateAyako Kawate has developed a unique modular origami as a convenient container for storing various items, as well as organizing the necessary items on ...

Square box of origami

square box of origamiA square box of origami. This model is quite simple and it can make many masters. The base box and the cover are formed by the same instructions. To box with a lid, you will need 8 square sheets of origami paper.

Tea rose origami

tea rose origamiTea rose origami is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Folding process model is not very complex, but may require a creative approach in some places. Little technical issues..

Sakuradama origami

sakuradamaSakuradama is another option kusudammy. In the final form looks Kusudama built of 12 cherry blossoms, from this very name. a model of modular origami. for its implementation you will need to fold the 30 modules. It is better to use a paper medium density, otherwise Kusudama can get pretty flimsy.

Gorgeous bouquet origami

gorgeous bouquet origamiGorgeous bouquet of origami-style, they can be decorated with any card and please your loved ones. You can make any changes to it, which is closer to you. Just want to warn you that you will need patience and knowledge of basic techniques to cope with this task.

Octagonal box origami

Octagonal box origamiColorful octagonal box origami. The diagram illustrated in some detail and contains the necessary explanations. I hope that you will spend time with pleasure. Good luck.

Beautiful origami box

Beautiful origami boxVery interesting box of paper. This crafts can be used for packing small gift, if you make it out of the beautiful paper medium density. Instructions assembly is quite simple. To realize it you will need the 8 square sheets of origami paper.

Modular Origami Cube

Origami Cube modular schemeThis is just one of the many variants of the modular origami cube consisting of 12 modules. The links of the cube is quite easy to folding, the very same assembly module will require ...

Origami star, of the modules

modular Origami star

the Model modular origami The star is formed on the basis of 5-identical modules. The complexity of the assembly will not be difficult, except for the last stage. Well, anyway, I wish you success.

Kusudama 30 lips (modular origami)

Kusudama 30 lips (origami)Very interesting kusudama assembled from modules ("lips"). This is a fairly complicated model to assemble, but the result is worth the effort.

In the process of assembling

You may find that the model poluchaetsya very flimsy, but half of the links gathered a collection of frequently will gain strength. Success in the assembly, the results unsubscribe in the comments.

Pinwheel in the style of origami

Whirligig in the style of origami diagramTurntable, created by Simon Lewis on the basis of standard base models, is among his last works. This is a great unit for the manufacture of which you need ...

Fireworks origami diagram of the modules

Origami Fireworks

In origami, there are a number of models, called fleksagonami or flexible modules. Call them so because such models can rotate and bend, making them bright units come in a ...

Japanese Cabbage (origami)

The scheme Kusudama Japanese Cabbage This model came up Minako Ishibashi, which developed its "cabbage" from a very small squares of paper size, such as 4 x 4 cm. Kusudama looks very efektno, if you put lots of colorful models are small, and they fill a vase or box.

Magic star-ring origami modules

Magic star-ring origami

Excellent modular origami model, has Repeat previous one feature, it can transform from a pointed star in the ring.

In order to replicate this classic model Mila Bob, you need eight small square sheets of paper. desirably smooth as ...

Origami Vase from modules

vase origami of the modules vase-mod Beautiful and very practical vase, gathered from the modules. For the manufacture of the first models will require ... 13 square sheets of paper of the same size in about three more than the expected base area ..

Cube made of paper

the Cube of the paper, origami Very high quality model of modular origami. One of my favorites, for the look, the circuit assembly. No nonsense, simple ...

Traditional Japanese kusudama

Traditional Japanese kusudamaTraditional Japanese kusudama is one of my favorites, because you do not need to use glue but you can just sew the flowers together. These flowers are very easy to fold and there are many different options for how to make different kusudamy using the same flowers.


flexiboll Quite an interesting model of modular origami origami master Jorge Pardo . The model consists of a square sheet of paper measuring about 10 x 10 cm

Cube without the corners

cube-without-the corners states

A very worthy model of modular origami - Cube without corners. I think that the scheme of the model origami not cause you problems, and you'll be happy to spend time.