Kusudama (origami balloon)

Kusudama schemeKusudama (Jap. "medicinal ball") - Modular origami paper model (often spherical shape), which is usually (but not always) is formed by sewing together the ends of a plurality of identical modules (often stylized flowers folded from a square sheet of paper), so that a the spherical shape of the body. Sometimes, as a decoration, the bottom is attached brush. The best scheme Kusuda You will find below. Good luck to you.

Sakuradama origami

sakuradamaSakuradama is another option kusudammy. In the final form looks Kusudama built of 12 cherry blossoms, from this very name. a model of modular origami. for its implementation you will need to fold the 30 modules. It is better to use a paper medium density, otherwise Kusudama can get pretty flimsy.

Lily Kusudama

Lily Kusudama

This kusudama going from 13 buds lilies, coupling scheme which you can find on our website ...

Modular Origami Cube

Origami Cube modular schemeThis is just one of the many variants of the modular origami cube consisting of 12 modules. The links of the cube is quite easy to folding, the very same assembly module will require ...

Kusudama 30 lips (modular origami)

Kusudama 30 lips (origami)Very interesting kusudama assembled from modules ("lips"). This is a fairly complicated model to assemble, but the result is worth the effort.

In the process of assembling

You may find that the model poluchaetsya very flimsy, but half of the links gathered a collection of frequently will gain strength. Success in the assembly, the results unsubscribe in the comments.

Pinwheel in the style of origami

Whirligig in the style of origami diagramTurntable, created by Simon Lewis on the basis of standard base models, is among his last works. This is a great unit for the manufacture of which you need ...

Japanese Cabbage (origami)

The scheme Kusudama Japanese Cabbage This model came up Minako Ishibashi, which developed its "cabbage" from a very small squares of paper size, such as 4 x 4 cm. Kusudama looks very efektno, if you put lots of colorful models are small, and they fill a vase or box.

Traditional Japanese kusudama

Traditional Japanese kusudamaTraditional Japanese kusudama is one of my favorites, because you do not need to use glue but you can just sew the flowers together. These flowers are very easy to fold and there are many different options for how to make different kusudamy using the same flowers.


flexiboll Quite an interesting model of modular origami origami master Jorge Pardo . The model consists of a square sheet of paper measuring about 10 x 10 cm

Cube without the corners

cube-without-the corners states

A very worthy model of modular origami - Cube without corners. I think that the scheme of the model origami not cause you problems, and you'll be happy to spend time.