Kirigami instructions

kirigami schemeKirigami   - a separate kind of origami, which permits the use of scissors and cutting the paper in the folding model. This is the main difference from other kirigami paper folding techniques that emphasized in the title:  ( Cyrus )  - cutting,  ( kami )  - paper.

Gracanica Monastery

Gracanica Monastery model kirigami Model of three-dimensional architectural origami Gracanica Monastery - the Orthodox monastery in Serbia, was built in 1315 year...

Starry sky

Kirigami starry skyExcellent option cards origami-style. If you choose the right color of the paper, the card will look very impressive.

Geometric Waltz

Geometric Waltz Postcard KirigamiAn incredible geometric shapes and lines betray this card kirigami rigor and sophistication. Use glossy paper medium density for optimal results.

Stone on water

Stone on water kirigamiThis model kirigami also can be folded like a postcard. This composition mimics the ripples on the water when falling stone.

Himeji Castle, 3d origami

Himeji Castle model origami architecture Model three-dimensional origami Himeji Castle - this is one of the oldest zamkovYaponii, which is one of the most popular destinations among tourists ...

MACBA model kirigami

MACBA, or Museu d'art Contemporani de Barcelona Museum of contemporary art in Barcelona ( Museu d'art Contemporani de Barcelona, abbr. MACBA) - the world-renowned art a Museum.

Pueblo Real Estate - 3D model kirigami

Pueblo kirigami This paper model-imitation accommodations ancient Pueblo people. Hallmark of their homes was that they were located in staggered floors 5-6. The roof of the ground floor with a yard for the top.

Fire kirigami

Fire kirigamiWonderful model kirigami - Fire. This is a classic example of spaciousness and principles of origami. This model will not work in the form of folded cards, but this does not diminish its sophistication.