Kirigami instructions

kirigami schemeKirigami   - a separate kind of origami, which permits the use of scissors and cutting the paper in the folding model. This is the main difference from other kirigami paper folding techniques that emphasized in the title:  ( Cyrus )  - cutting,  ( kami )  - paper.

Origami dog astronomer

astronomerOrigami dog astronomer. This scheme is also very easy to carry out. Will be a great gift for people who are interested in the stars. And also will delight young astronomers.

Postcard kirigami Elephant.

postcard kirigami elephantPostcard kirigami Elephant. A simple three-dimensional model. This card gives lightness and ease of plunging us into the world of childhood and joy. Great gift for children and adults who dream to be them.

Postcard origami swans

swan origamiPostcard origami swans. The scheme is simple to implement, just a few minutes in your hands such beauty! Two swans have always been a symbol of good luck in love, hearts that beat together. This card can also act as a talisman to attract your partner.

Dolphins origami

dolphin kirigamiBeautiful origami card with dolphins swim inside. Very simple in execution. Give a playful mood and sea smell.

Wedding carriage kirigami

wedding carriage kirigami instructionWedding carriage in the style of kirigami. In the manufacture of this model using heavy paper, otherwise a coach can get flimsy and unstable.

Pagoda origami

Pagoda 3d origamiPagoda - Multi-storey tower, used as a temple. Rather complex origami model, but very original. Pagoda on pillar contains small parts and will have to work hard to repeat that it is on paper.

Wedding Angels

wedding angels origamiWedding Angels always look very cute and beautiful. After completing their paper in the style of kirigami you are sure to make a highlight in the romantic evening.

3d card with the word Happy

happy card origami3d card with the word Happy. This is a very simple model kirigami, it is ideal for beginners. And be able to please your loved ones.

Deer kirigami

deer kirigami instructionVery nice proud a deer in the style of kirigami. You can use this model as an original greeting card, or just to decorate the interior.

Fascinating greeting cards / Faszinierende Grusskarten2

Fascinating greeting cards / Faszinierende Grusskarten

Great art paper architect Ramin Razani will be clear to all. The book presents many models kirigami. Artful objects are transformed into extraordinary three-dimensional greeting from mysterious geometric designs, impressive sculptures and images of art and architecture. The book contains precise patterns sweeps.

Basilica San Marco 3D model


Basilica di San Marco - St. Mark's Basilica - a wonderful model of architectural origami. It is the cathedral of Venicebuilt in the XI century.

Postcard "Happy Birthday"

happy birthday card

Pop-Up card origami-style "Happy Birthday". Just print out the scheme or move by hand on paper of a suitable color and density. I hope so. that there are no problems.

Sacred Heart Model 3D origami


Sacre Coeur fairly complex model of three-dimensional origami ( kirigami ). Sacre Coeur - is a Catholic church built in Paris in the years 1876-1914.

Pop-Up card "Love"

Pop-up postcard Love

Pop-Up card in the style of Kirigami "Love". Just print out the scheme or move by hand on paper of a suitable color and density.

Castillo de Vélez Blanco

velezblanco оригами архитектура

Model three-dimensional origami Castillo de Vélez Blanco (Castle Velez Blanco) built in the early XVI century, near the city of Almeria (Spain). The castle was built in the Gothic style, and I think that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Decorations city Mitla 3D

Orgamenty Gorobey Mitla 3D paper model of world famous ornaments found on the walls of the ancient city of Mitla, made in the style Kirigami.

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven kirigamiKirigami card - Stairway to Heaven. Print the chart and make the necessary folds.

Duomo Milan

duomo kirigami house Origami paper model of a three-dimensional (kirigami) Duomo Milan (Duomo). It's a complex model that requires moral stability and commitment to achieve results.

Wave and sail - Kirigami

Kirigami Wave and Sail Diagram of this model consists of two kirigami images to be transferred onto a single sheet of paper, and then perform the necessary folds.

Echmiadzin Cathedra

Echmiadzin Cathedral kirigami

Another model of three-dimensional origami Echmiadzin Cathedra - the main church of the Armenian Apostolic Church, was founded in the IV-V century and yavlyaetsya one of the oldest Christian churches in the world ...