vase origami of the modules vase-modBeautiful and very practical vase, gathered from the modules. For the manufacture of the first models will require ... 13 square sheets of paper of the same size in about three more than the expected base area ..

Vase origami out of the module circuitry CH1 vase-mod-sh1 Vase origami of the modules scheme 2 vase-mod-sh2

The second model is a modular vases is made in the likeness of the first ... For her collection you will need 36 sheets of paper slightly larger than the expected area of the model ... You can be creative by combining different colors of the modules ..

Vase origami of the modules v2 in the scheme H1 vase2-mod-sh1 Vase origami of the modules v2 in diagram 2 vase2-mod-sh2

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