Origami Cube modular scheme

This is just one of the many variants of the modular origami cube consisting of 12 modules. The links of the cube is quite easy to make, and the above module assembly require patience and some skills with origami.

At this point, you have to insert the ends of the links in the pockets, and the middle part of each unit is the main part of the two neighboring units, while the ends of each link are bent around the angles, pinning the entire unit as a whole. It would be best to make this module from the color paper, putting a new sheet at the beginning of the desired color up. The model looks very impressive as in the small and large size.

Scheme Origami Modular Cube Part 1 Scheme Origami Modular Cube Part 2 Scheme Origami Modular Cube Part 3 Scheme Origami Modular Cube part4

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