5 Tetrahedrons model origami

This amazing unit created Tom Hull. use the idea of Francis Dy, who once invented a simple tetrahedron: frame made ​​of six separate spacers. Tom found a way to bind together five tetrahedrons and the result was a small masterpiece.

Collect such a module is difficult and. Before starting work, you should clearly understand how connected to each other units of the module. For this to be clear to you, all final operations are shown in great detail - the assembly of two tetrahedrons, three, four, and. Finally, completing the operation, after which the five tetrahedra are in place.

Take for ten square sheets of colored dense bumagi.Luchshe all, if it will be a couple of sheets of five different colors. Divide each square into three pieces, and then cut it on these lines, received three paper strips with a ratio of 1:3. As a result, you get 30 pages of paper, and of which you will collect your module. By the way, this model can be collected from U.S. dollars.

5 tetrahedron diagram origami part1 5 tetrahedronov diagram origami part2 5 tetrahedron diagram origami part3

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