Scheme origami lily.Beautiful, and very simple origami lily , which consists of three modules. For the manufacture of one such lilies you need three square plate 8x8, 7x7, 6x6 cm (you can use other sizes.)

We start folding Lilies of the internal module (6x6). To start fabricate CF "Frog"

Next, perform the operation shown in the figure below. For operations, remember that actions need to be done on the four sides of the symmetrical shape.

The basic form of a frog

Scheme Origami Lily interior

Now on to the outer and middle parts of the flower. They formed the same pattern, although of different size sheets. Home - BF double triangle.

Scheme Origami Lily - The outer part

After the last two modules are made, there are only the pieces together in the proper flower. This can be done by various methods, such as strung on a thread, or joined the drop of glue.

Prepares flower lily origami style

By the way, out of 13 such flowers can make excellent kusudam Lily .

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