Heart Origami

Heart OrigamiOrigami paper heart - a great idea for valentines that your "other half" will be so nice surprise to find on the pillow or in a book. With simple instructions and diagrams origami hearts can leave a message and write the coveted "I love you."


Heart with tambourines

heart tambourinesThemes of love is never boring. Stylish and heart would be the best way to express his sympathy for both men and women. The scheme is very simple in execution fit any paper. Not be difficult to distract from office work and at half-time to create a small miracle.

Heart with a necktie

Heart with a tieOrigami compliment. Heart with a tie that already makes it masculine. Excellent opportunity to make a compliment or priznatsya in love. May be thematic in Valentine's Day. "All the world loves a lover))!"

Heart from paper strips

Origami heart of the strips The heart of the strips of paper in origami style is perfect for Valentine's Day, and other manifestations of attention and love.

Ring with heart

Ring with a heart origami Quite beautiful rings of paper in the style of origami. Coupling scheme is quite simple, and I hope you do not take much effort. Give your family the warmth and joy ...

Valentine origami

Heart-Valentine origamiEasy to produce heart, perfect for a gift for Valentine's Day, because it can be used as otkrytochku with regards ...

Heart with wings

Origami heart with wings As you can see, the model origami heart with wings is a great job. The heart looks very neat, the wings are rather elastic, allowing them to look away ...

Heart with an arrow of the dollar

Heart with an arrow of the dollarSomeone said that love can not be expressed in money? This model origami heart with an arrow made of dollar bills dispel this myth ...

The heart of the dollar 2

heart of the dollar origamiPretty decent model dollar origami heart with an arrow. Ideal festive interior decoration and original gift.

Box - heart

Box - the heart of origami

Gorgeous box - the heart, made in the style of classic origami. This model can be a wonderful decoration of your gift.