Geometric origami

tetrahedronA selection of models and schemes origami, one way or another associated with geometric figures. Often it may be various shapes symmetrical modular.

Geometric spirals and other patterns associated with the geometry of origami. Geometric origami models inherent rigor and straightforwardness folds. Here you'll rarely have to be creative in making schemes, as often all very strict and clear.

Modular Origami Cube

Origami Cube modular schemeThis is just one of the many variants of the modular origami cube consisting of 12 modules. The links of the cube is quite easy to folding, the very same assembly module will require ...

Pinwheel in the style of origami

Whirligig in the style of origami diagramTurntable, created by Simon Lewis on the basis of standard base models, is among his last works. This is a great unit for the manufacture of which you need ...

Cube made of paper

the Cube of the paper, origami Very high quality model of modular origami. One of my favorites, for the look, the circuit assembly. No nonsense, simple ...

Cube without the corners

cube-without-the corners states

A very worthy model of modular origami - Cube without corners. I think that the scheme of the model origami not cause you problems, and you'll be happy to spend time.

Puzzle of the bars origami

Origami puzzle from bars An entertaining puzzle master origami origami proposed by Peter Ford. Of the six modules-bars must collect design shown in the picture.

5 Tetrahedrons

5 Tetrahedrons model origami

This amazing unit created Tom Hull. use the idea of Francis Dy, who once invented a simple tetrahedron: frame made ​​of six separate spacers.