Complex origami diagrams

Sometimes masters attract complex patterns origami assembly. If the scheme is complicated, then craft is very beautiful, perfect.

Origami Bat Miyajima Noboru

Origami Bat Miyajima NoboruThe author of the scheme build a bat is Miyajima Noboru, a video lesson for us assembled German R. Fernandez. One gets such a bat is quite difficult, ...

Daemon origami Fernando Gilgado

Daemon origami Fernando GilgadoThis daemon had very realistic. You can see not only his intimidating powerful body, but also features that the author was also able to work out perfe...

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)Fans of one of the most popular science fiction movie in history under the name "Star Wars" are probably familiar with the star fighter Chi-Wing Fighter...

Withered tree origami

withered tree origamiIt's hard to believe that the models that appear in the photos made of paper and are related to origami. However, it is true. However, the technique of their implementation is far from classical technique of origami. Who is brave and creative, please try to repeat these masterpieces.

Origami tiger.

origami tigerOrigami tiger by Hideo Komatsu. The scheme is also difficult as the nature of this animal. The creation of this origami is a fascinating journey, you will need all your skill.

Horse by Hideo Komatsu

Horse by Hideo KomatsuHorse figure is quite interesting and complex in execution. Folds in this figure significantly transmit four horse legs, neck and tail. For careful implementation of this work is recommended to large sheet of paper. But the result is worth the labor that will give you pleasure, the assembly is invaluable.

Lily Kusudama

Lily Kusudama

This kusudama going from 13 buds lilies, coupling scheme which you can find on our website ...

Modular Origami Cube

Origami Cube modular schemeThis is just one of the many variants of the modular origami cube consisting of 12 modules. The links of the cube is quite easy to folding, the very same assembly module will require ...

A gift box with a rose

A box with a rose on top of origamiElegant gift box origami-style, with a rose on a lid. Manufacturing Boxes shown in detail in a video instruction.

Crane Origami (difficult model)

Crane flapping, origamiModel movable origami crane flapping wings. Robert Lang, author of the model. The scheme is quite complex and may require your patience. But I have is correct, that you will succeed, even if perhaps not the first attempt.

Antique Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya)

Antique dragon origamiVery complex model origami Antique Dragon from the great master Satoshi Kamiya. To perform this model you need to choose the right paper to be patient, and through trial and error to try to achieve results.

Origamania - Lionel Albertino(Book)

Book on origami Origamania - Lionel Albertino The book contains Origamania scheme rather complex origami models. This often animals and insects. The book is suitable for advanced users as well as beginners will be quite difficult to understand diagrams.

Works of Satoshi Kamiya(Book)

Book of Works of Satoshi KamiyaThe book contains a very complex animal model. Some circuits contain up to 300 steps. Of plain paper and no experience, such models do not perform. Looking at the work of Satoshi Kamiya can not believe that they are made of paper. Is rock even enough to see the works of the great masters of origami, Satoshi Kamiya.

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

The book contains a very sophisticated, but at the same time and very beautiful models of origami. When the models of quality paper insects become realistic. The book appears in English, but rarely in the majority - characters. For lovers to each model provided patern.

Origami insects (Book)

Origami insects (Vol.2)

Very complex but colorful and realistic models of insects from Robert Lang. Most models require special paper and wet-folding technique.

Mantis origami

praying Mantis origami This is a very complex model origami. To perform this model will need patience and skills of folding. The results and problems unsubscribe in the comments.

Oriental dragon origami-style diagram pdf

Oriental dragon origami Another fairly complex, but very colorful origami model for professionals. The scheme origami dragon is quite detailed, but there are moments of quite complex to understand, and requires skill and creativity .. Success. Again, do not forget about the comments ...

Geckos and fly origami

Geckos and fly origamiVery specific and complicated at the same time elegant model origami geckos and fly. It is a beautiful work of Belgian master origamista Herman van Gubergena ...