Classic origami

classic origamiMany of the models shown are the ancestors of arts and crafts Origami. These models origami never go out of fashion, as immortal classics


cockroach origamiThe scheme of this cute hedgehog belongs to Robert Lang - the great master of origami. This scheme is not easy but the more interesting. Such work develops in the artist logic and train the mind...

Frog jumping

origami frogThis is a classic model of a frog that does not require descriptions, I think everyone had met previously with this model. This mobile model. Doing it out of construction paper, the frog will be able to jump high enough.

Classic crane, origami

Classical crane origami This is one of the oldest models of origami, however, the Crane Paper will never give up their positions, even the most modern models ....

Holliday crane origami

holiday origami craneThis crane from the classical scheme origami different colorful fluffy tail. The scheme is quite similar to the classic crane, with the exception of the final stage ...

Crane with a back

Crane origami with backAnother variety of the most popular traditional model of origami - Crane. The difference between this model is that in the last stage at the expansion of the wings leveled back crane.

Dzunako, a box from paper

Dzunako Another scheme is gorgeous boxes - Dzunako. This model is a classic origami and refers to those who will live forever ...

Water bombs, origami

Water bomb base Classical volume model origami got its name from the fact that the children were filled with water and used as a bomb.

Sailboat made of paper

Origami sailboatContinuing the theme of boats. Introducing the classical model origami sailboat. Formed on the basis of the basic form "catamaran" .

Tulip Paper

Origami tulipEasy to manufacture tulip paper origami-style. Bud is formed on the basis of the basic forms of a double square and petal in turn begins with BF kite.