Book on origami Origamania - Lionel Albertino

Name: Origamania
Author: Lionel Albertino
Language: FR.
Year of publication: -
Size: pdf
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Description: The book contains Origamania scheme rather complex origami models. This often animals and insects. The book is suitable for advanced users as well as beginners will be quite difficult to understand diagrams.
Screenshots: Screenshot of the book №1 Origamania-Lionel-Albertino Screenshot # 2 of the book Origamania-Lionel-Albertino Screenshot # 3 of the book Origamania-Lionel-Albertino



Some of the models from the book

Gorilla origami gepard origami Cheetah the common stag beetle, origami Geese in flight, origami the Cat origami Horse origami Deer origami Scorpion origami Oryx origami the Elephant origami Elephant origami / baby elephant Three-headed dragon / just do it


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