Genuine Origami / Genuine Origami - Jun Maekawa

Title: Genuine origami
Author: Jun Maekawa
Language: Engl.
Year of publication: -
Format: pdf
File Size (MB) : 27.5
Description: Jun Maekawa owns distinct approaches origami from the perspective of mathematical and geometric principles. The author walks you step by step through the fundamentals of his method, guiding them through simple figures (Mouse, Elephant, Santa Claus) to highly complex models such as the Devil and Peacock. The book 43 different models are grouped into five sections, including including one chapter highlighted on ABC origami projects are three chapters in order of increasing complexity (simple, medium and complex), and one section that contains origami using different types of work and methods. In addition to instructions and diagrams, the author explains the mathematical theory of each project. intriguing blend of art and science, the book Genuine Origami will allow to enjoy folding both novices and experts you can learn clever, surprising and elegant sequences to produce exceptional origami models.

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Some models from the book

Three-headed craneCow origamiChicken of PaperDolphinDevil origamiDevil MaskDogDragonOriental dragonOrigami frogStanding CraneHorseHarePeacock PapermacaquePenguin PaperMan PaperPyramid Jun MaekawaDeer origami Jun MaekawaSheep Jun MaekawaTiger MasktitanosTurkeySnake

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