Origami insects (Vol.2)

Title: Origami insects (Vol.2)
Author: Robert J.Lang
Language: English. + Japanese.
Year of publication: 2003
Format: pdf
File Size (Mb) : 23.1
Description: Very complex but colorful and realistic models of insects from Robert Lang. Most models require special paper and wet-folding technique. The book is worth to download even that would just admire these magnificent creatures, who knows, maybe you and dare to repeat one of these masterpieces.
Screenshots: Robert J.Lang - Origami insects skrin1Robert J.Lang - Origami insects skrin2Robert J.Lang - Origami insects skrin3



Some models of the book

ant Robert J.Lang Butterfly Robert J.Lang - Origami insectsScorpio Robert J.Lang Dragonfly origami Robert J.LangCockroach oriagmi Robert J.LangTprantul origamiSawyer beetle origami

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