Books of origami

A selection of books on origamiA selection of the best books on origami. In the books you can find a lot of origami models that will amaze you with its beauty and elegance.

Often, books and specialized magazines origami are almost the only way to find the desired circuit pattern.

All books lists of the best in our opinion models with illustrations. Books are presented for reference only, copying and commercial use must be justified with authors and publishers. 


Origamania - Lionel Albertino(Book)

Book on origami Origamania - Lionel Albertino The book contains Origamania scheme rather complex origami models. This often animals and insects. The book is suitable for advanced users as well as beginners will be quite difficult to understand diagrams.

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

TheOld, but a very good book in English. The scheme is quite detailed, so that knowledge of the language is not necessary. Very diverse and interesting models. Admirers of origami swing necessarily...

Works of Satoshi Kamiya(Book)

Book of Works of Satoshi KamiyaThe book contains a very complex animal model. Some circuits contain up to 300 steps. Of plain paper and no experience, such models do not perform. Looking at the work of Satoshi Kamiya can not believe that they are made of paper. Is rock even enough to see the works of the great masters of origami, Satoshi Kamiya.

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino (Book)

Panier Fleuri - Lionel Albertino

One of the best books on origami flower, contains a variety of high-quality patterns of flowers, leaves, twigs, etc. Complexity about average.

The quality of the book - excellent, b & w scheme

Papiroflexia-Eduardo Clemente

Origami book

Very decent book that will not get lost in your colection. The book contains b / w quality schemes origami models. The circuit is divided into 2 parts: the first detailed (for beginners), the second - an abridged version for experienced "origamsterov."

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

The book contains a very sophisticated, but at the same time and very beautiful models of origami. When the models of quality paper insects become realistic. The book appears in English, but rarely in the majority - characters. For lovers to each model provided patern.

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Oribana Delight - Paper flowers and vases

Very high quality book on origami flower. A lot of detailed diagrams of flowers, bouquets and vases. Colored diagrams and illustrations make the book very enjoyable to read. Enjoy.

Origami in Action - Robert J.Lang

Origami in Action book on origami

The book is dedicated origami models that have moving parts. This and various birds, flapping wings, talking animals, catapults, and much more. Schemes are very legible and understandable ..

art pop Origami Flowers (Book)

Book art pop Origami Flowers

The book contains a lot of quality schemes origami flowers. Schemes are very detailed. and the book itself is very bright and colorful. For lovers of origami flower necessarily advise download.

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Book)

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Book)

The book contains a number of schemes of paper airplanes. In it you will find the scheme as the classic models of aircraft, as well as original contemporary models. Some of the circuits are quite extensive, but it is quite detailed and should not create difficulties during folding.

Creative Origami 2 (Book)

2 Kreativ origami book rigami

The second book of the Hungarian master origami Sebők Zsolt. The book presents a variety of creative origami models that can be used to decorate the space.

Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (Book)

Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (Book)

The book contains a diverse set of schemes of boxes of paper detailing the steps in English. In it you will find the boxes from simple square (for storing various small items) to fine polygonal gift.

Origami Dream World - Kawasaki (Book)

Origami Dream World Book

Book one of the most famous masters of origami ToshikazuKavasaki. It contains the best models colors and animals. Schemes Kawasaki has never been easy, but their undeniable advantage is that almost all of the folds and lines patterns are achieved by classical methods and do not require special paper.

Origami insects (Book)

Origami insects (Vol.2)

Very complex but colorful and realistic models of insects from Robert Lang. Most models require special paper and wet-folding technique.

Origami Avions de Papier

Paper airplanes Origami / Origami Avions de Papier Book

The book contains a model aircraft aparata made ​​of paper. 26 aircraft models origami representation for all ages , from beginners to experienced artists . Difficulty indicated for each model. Implementation models facilitated color illustrations that detail step by step the whole process of folding .

Origami on the Move

Duy Nguyen in motion Origami Book

There is no end of ingenuity Duy Nguyen, and that's why origami enthusiasts - and those who love trains, planes and automobiles - will welcome this book. To our readers on 17 cleverly constructed modes that provide many hours of fun.

Origami Aircraft Jayson Merrill

Origami planes Jayson Merrill 2006

Skilled craftsmen origami looking increasingly difficult tasks, and can find them in this thoroughly illustrated book. Clear instructions and step by step diagrams show how to build planes out of paper that can actually fly! Sixteen models, all made from square sheets of paper - are fully functional. Planes taking off, landing gear retracts, cockpit open and close.

Fascinating greeting cards / Faszinierende Grusskarten2

Fascinating greeting cards / Faszinierende Grusskarten

Great art paper architect Ramin Razani will be clear to all. The book presents many models kirigami. Artful objects are transformed into extraordinary three-dimensional greeting from mysterious geometric designs, impressive sculptures and images of art and architecture. The book contains precise patterns sweeps.

Genuine origami - Jun Maekawa

Genuine Origami / Genuine Origami - Jun Maekawa

Jun Maekawa owns distinct approaches origami from the perspective of mathematical and geometric principles. The author walks you step by step through the fundamentals of his method, guiding them through simple figures (Mouse, Elephant, Santa Claus) to highly sophisticated models such as

The Devil and the Peacock.