Cool origami

best swallow origamiThe best models of origami, which in our view deserve special attention because of the grace and beauty of schemes origami models. It is our subjective opinion, so do not judge strictly ...

Origamania - Lionel Albertino(Book)

Book on origami Origamania - Lionel Albertino The book contains Origamania scheme rather complex origami models. This often animals and insects. The book is suitable for advanced users as well as beginners will be quite difficult to understand diagrams.

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

TheOld, but a very good book in English. The scheme is quite detailed, so that knowledge of the language is not necessary. Very diverse and interesting models. Admirers of origami swing necessarily...

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

The book contains a very sophisticated, but at the same time and very beautiful models of origami. When the models of quality paper insects become realistic. The book appears in English, but rarely in the majority - characters. For lovers to each model provided patern.

Origami in Action - Robert J.Lang

Origami in Action book on origami

The book is dedicated origami models that have moving parts. This and various birds, flapping wings, talking animals, catapults, and much more. Schemes are very legible and understandable ..

art pop Origami Flowers (Book)

Book art pop Origami Flowers

The book contains a lot of quality schemes origami flowers. Schemes are very detailed. and the book itself is very bright and colorful. For lovers of origami flower necessarily advise download.

Swallow Paper

robin style origami swallowThis is one of the most charming origami models . This volume model will amaze you with simplicity of execution and elegant look, which is 100% similar to the real signs. This is my favorite model, I hope that it will not disappoint you.

Oriental dragon origami-style diagram pdf

Oriental dragon origami Another fairly complex, but very colorful origami model for professionals. The scheme origami dragon is quite detailed, but there are moments of quite complex to understand, and requires skill and creativity .. Success. Again, do not forget about the comments ...

Origami pig

Origami pigMaking this model origami once, you'll love her forever, like I did. It is the best pig in the style of origami. Easy assembly diagram, which is not about the quality of the model

Dzunako, a box from paper

Dzunako Another scheme is gorgeous boxes - Dzunako. This model is a classic origami and refers to those who will live forever ...

Pegasus origami

Pegasus origamiComplex model origami Pegasus. To perform this requires some skill and experience. For the first time take a rather large piece of paper, it will facilitate the implementation of complex folds.

Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat origamiCircuit model may seem daunting, but it is only a first impression. Folds and steps traced in some detail, and should not put you in a difficult position.

Swan (Quyet)

Origami swan Perhaps this is one of the most colorful in the style of origami swans. It is distinguished by a special grace and smooth lines.

Ladybug in flight

Ladybug in flightComplex model origami "Ladybug in flight" despite the rather detailed diagram fold model will be quite hard ...

Snail Paper

Snail origami If you execute this model of high-quality paper, you get a very refined snail, which hit its elegance.

Kusudama 30 lips (modular origami)

Kusudama 30 lips (origami)Very interesting kusudama assembled from modules ("lips"). This is a fairly complicated model to assemble, but the result is worth the effort.

In the process of assembling

You may find that the model poluchaetsya very flimsy, but half of the links gathered a collection of frequently will gain strength. Success in the assembly, the results unsubscribe in the comments.

Rabbit by Jun Maekawa

ЗOrigami bunny Jun Maekawa scheme of this magnificent bunny paper was taken from the book Genuine Origami, if the finish folding bunny accurately represented by the scheme, it will be a little different from the one shown in the photo ...

Boutonniere made ​​of paper

Posy of paper This model, which is clearly manifested in the creative gift of Ellis Grey and Paul Jackson is sure to bring pleasure to you and your loved ones. Fold it from two square sheets of paper of equal size, preferably with two-way color. Ideal for making buttonholes - a flower that is worn in the lapel. - Is the paper with the side of the square in the 7-8 cm

Mantis J.Lang

Worshipers of origami JLangaVolume and fairly complex model origami. from master J.Langa. To see the front of the beauty and sophistication of this Mantis will have to perform 94 steps on the complex, but rather detailed diagram, taken from the popular book Origami Insects II. Enjoy folding.

Fireworks origami diagram of the modules

Origami Fireworks

In origami, there are a number of models, called fleksagonami or flexible modules. Call them so because such models can rotate and bend, making them bright units come in a ...

Japanese Cabbage (origami)

The scheme Kusudama Japanese Cabbage This model came up Minako Ishibashi, which developed its "cabbage" from a very small squares of paper size, such as 4 x 4 cm. Kusudama looks very efektno, if you put lots of colorful models are small, and they fill a vase or box.