Basic form origami

  Many origami initially folded the same way, ie they have the same basis - the basic shape. Combining the figures on the basic forms organizes a huge number of models and contributes to a more successful dating with origami.

Be sure to pay attention to this section and try to remember how vyzlyadyat main basic forms. Many novice masters often fall into a stupor, the initial stages of circuits, it is due to the fact that they can not determine the type of the basic form, or not at all aware of such.


The basic form of the "double triangle"

a basic form of the«double triangle»title=the Double triangle "is not only the name of the base form. Another name - "water bombs" - comes from the model origami from this basic form. In basic form "double triangle» two visible old song triangular plane. Closed ("deaf") angle formed at the center of the original square.

The basic form "double square"

a basic form of a «double square»In this basic form, there are two visible square plane, indehiscent ("deaf"), the angle formed at the center of the initial shape (square), and a drop-down corner, opposite the "deaf" and the angles formed by the square.

The basic form "catamaran"

basic form «catamaran» There are several ways of folding the base form "catamaran" based on different basic shapes. This model is hard to call the base

The basic form of "book"

the basic form of the «book» This is another simple basic form of origami. Fold the square sheet in half and ... and all the basic form of the door ready. not forget to rest.

The basic form of origami "triangle"

the basic form of the «triangle»title= One of the simplest forms of basic origami. Its scheme could not place (though I write this scheme was already on the site), but then meet somewhere in the schemes.

The basic form "The basic form of the "door""

basic form «the door»title= Also, this basic form of origami is sometimes called "closet" because of resemblance. I do not know whether you come in handy this basic form, but if it exists, it should probably be used in some schemes.