Easy origami for kids

Children origamiA selection of simple schemes origami for kids . Often this model origami schemes which do not require any special skills, and built on simple types of folds. However, this section can be presented and relatively complex schemes origami children if they thematic approach to this section.

Heart from paper strips

Origami heart of the strips The heart of the strips of paper in origami style is perfect for Valentine's Day, and other manifestations of attention and love.

Rabbit origami

Hare origami Origami model "Rabbit". Formed on the basis of the basic forms of fish.

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway

TheOld, but a very good book in English. The scheme is quite detailed, so that knowledge of the language is not necessary. Very diverse and interesting models. Admirers of origami swing necessarily...

Origami in Action - Robert J.Lang

Origami in Action book on origami

The book is dedicated origami models that have moving parts. This and various birds, flapping wings, talking animals, catapults, and much more. Schemes are very legible and understandable ..

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Book)

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Book)

The book contains a number of schemes of paper airplanes. In it you will find the scheme as the classic models of aircraft, as well as original contemporary models. Some of the circuits are quite extensive, but it is quite detailed and should not create difficulties during folding.

Origami Avions de Papier

Paper airplanes Origami / Origami Avions de Papier Book

The book contains a model aircraft aparata made ​​of paper. 26 aircraft models origami representation for all ages , from beginners to experienced artists . Difficulty indicated for each model. Implementation models facilitated color illustrations that detail step by step the whole process of folding .

Classic crane, origami

Classical crane origami This is one of the oldest models of origami, however, the Crane Paper will never give up their positions, even the most modern models ....

Dove origami paper

dove of paper in the style of origami dove-avaVery simple and nice model of origami - Dove. The model is suitable for beginners and children to the masters, so as not complicated and has small parts. Grow with joy.

Swallow Paper

robin style origami swallowThis is one of the most charming origami models . This volume model will amaze you with simplicity of execution and elegant look, which is 100% similar to the real signs. This is my favorite model, I hope that it will not disappoint you.

Giraffe origami-style

origami giraffe

Another model from origami books Vygonova - Giraffe . The scheme of medium complexity, so I think the cellar.

Carp paper origami-style

Carp origami

Very simple entry-level model - Golden Carp. The model is the basic form of origami - the fish. Subsequent steps are shown in the image.

Origami Dove (single chart)

Dove simple origamiAnother model Dove origami-style. The model is quite simple and does not differ difficult technical passages in the coupling scheme. It is ideal for entry-level masters of origami. Good luck to you.

Crane with a back

Crane origami with backAnother variety of the most popular traditional model of origami - Crane. The difference between this model is that in the last stage at the expansion of the wings leveled back crane.

Swift dove or other bird

Swift origamiA simple circuit in the style of origami birds. The model is ideal for children and beginners origamistam.

Paper cup from a sheet of paper

the glass from the list This glass of paper in origami style will impress you with durability and ease of manufacture. When using thick paper it can even pour water ...

Inflatable bunny

inflatable origami rabbitThe traditional model of origami "Bouncy Bunny." A derivative of the model from the classical model of origami water bombs. The scheme is quite simple and does not think it will not have problems

Origami pig

Origami pigMaking this model origami once, you'll love her forever, like I did. It is the best pig in the style of origami. Easy assembly diagram, which is not about the quality of the model

Dzunako, a box from paper

Dzunako Another scheme is gorgeous boxes - Dzunako. This model is a classic origami and refers to those who will live forever ...

Water bombs, origami

Water bomb base Classical volume model origami got its name from the fact that the children were filled with water and used as a bomb.