Easy origami for kids

Children origamiA selection of simple schemes origami for kids . Often this model origami schemes which do not require any special skills, and built on simple types of folds. However, this section can be presented and relatively complex schemes origami children if they thematic approach to this section.

Like button

Like button origamiRenowned master of origami Tadashi Mori decided to make a symbol Like not just virtual, but very real material, he folded his paper in origami techniq...

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)

Chi-Wing Fighter ( Wayne Ko)Fans of one of the most popular science fiction movie in history under the name "Star Wars" are probably familiar with the star fighter Chi-Wing Fighter...

Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)

Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)The author of the scheme build this nice dragon is known to us master Jo Nakashima. To build a model of the dragon, you will need: a square sheet of origami paper about the size of 20cm to 20cm

Origami dog astronomer

astronomerOrigami dog astronomer. This scheme is also very easy to carry out. Will be a great gift for people who are interested in the stars. And also will delight young astronomers.

Postcard kirigami Elephant.

postcard kirigami elephantPostcard kirigami Elephant. A simple three-dimensional model. This card gives lightness and ease of plunging us into the world of childhood and joy. Great gift for children and adults who dream to be them.

Square box of origami

square box of origamiA square box of origami. This model is quite simple and it can make many masters. The base box and the cover are formed by the same instructions. To box with a lid, you will need 8 square sheets of origami paper.

Plane super boom

plane super boomThe plane origami super boom. A very simple model of the seven steps and it is in your hands.

Heart with tambourines

heart tambourinesThemes of love is never boring. Stylish and heart would be the best way to express his sympathy for both men and women. The scheme is very simple in execution fit any paper. Not be difficult to distract from office work and at half-time to create a small miracle.

Frame for photo origami style

frame for photoFrame for photo in Hand Made style. Always important and necessary. Well make a frame for your favorite photos with your hands, making them a favorite color, texture and even decorating to your taste. Such a frame with your photo may be a gift for loved ones and give them warm.

Heart with a necktie

Heart with a tieOrigami compliment. Heart with a tie that already makes it masculine. Excellent opportunity to make a compliment or priznatsya in love. May be thematic in Valentine's Day. "All the world loves a lover))!"

Dolphins origami

dolphin kirigamiBeautiful origami card with dolphins swim inside. Very simple in execution. Give a playful mood and sea smell.

Origami Concord

concorde origamiOrigami Concord is one of the fastest aircraft. This is the original model airplane going in seven stages. Will complement your clothing collection of aircraft.

Leaves of paper

leaves paperSimple origami from square sheet of paper, can be done even from the sticker. Easy performed a small miracle that can be used in the decorations in the interior and applique.

Origami vase

Origami vaseVery simple instructions origami vase. To make the vase using a square sheet of heavy paper larger than 25 cm.

Wedding Angels

wedding angels origamiWedding Angels always look very cute and beautiful. After completing their paper in the style of kirigami you are sure to make a highlight in the romantic evening.

Beautiful origami box

Beautiful origami boxVery interesting box of paper. This crafts can be used for packing small gift, if you make it out of the beautiful paper medium density. Instructions assembly is quite simple. To realize it you will need the 8 square sheets of origami paper.

Rabbit origami

the Rabbit in the style of the origami Simple to make, but very cute rabbit, which is suitable for teaching kids the basics of origami ...

Frog jumping

origami frogThis is a classic model of a frog that does not require descriptions, I think everyone had met previously with this model. This mobile model. Doing it out of construction paper, the frog will be able to jump high enough.

Origami star, of the modules

modular Origami star

the Model modular origami The star is formed on the basis of 5-identical modules. The complexity of the assembly will not be difficult, except for the last stage. Well, anyway, I wish you success.