Animals origami

Schemes are very diverse set of models of them are very simple and ideal for children, and it is very good, as children start out with it in origami diagrams animals.

In this category are collected in great detail and quality schemes origami in which you step by step can make a favorite animal.

Schemes are very diverse set of models of them are very simple and ideal for children, and it is very good, as children often start out with it in origami diagrams animals.


Origami Bat Miyajima Noboru

Origami Bat Miyajima NoboruThe author of the scheme build a bat is Miyajima Noboru, a video lesson for us assembled German R. Fernandez. One gets such a bat is quite difficult, ...

Horse by Roman Diaz

Horse origami by Roman DiazHorses - one of the oldest animals on the planet. Above all revere these animals in North Africa and the Middle East - where centuries without them wa...

Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)

Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)The author of the scheme build this nice dragon is known to us master Jo Nakashima. To build a model of the dragon, you will need: a square sheet of origami paper about the size of 20cm to 20cm

Origami tiger.

origami tigerOrigami tiger by Hideo Komatsu. The scheme is also difficult as the nature of this animal. The creation of this origami is a fascinating journey, you will need all your skill.


cockroach origamiThe scheme of this cute hedgehog belongs to Robert Lang - the great master of origami. This scheme is not easy but the more interesting. Such work develops in the artist logic and train the mind...

Rabbit wietnames money

rabbit origamiThis rabbit was designed for folding with wietnames money whichhas the dimensions are close to 1X2. You can olso use a scquare by folding two edges to the center, and the result wont have color-change. For best result use a 1X2 rectangle and wet - folding.

Frog Kawasaki

Frog KawasakiFunny frog Kawasaki. Origami average complexity. The scheme is very interesting. Frog is simply gorgeous and brings a smile. By the way it also can be used as a case of origami Halloween.

Postcard origami swans

swan origamiPostcard origami swans. The scheme is simple to implement, just a few minutes in your hands such beauty! Two swans have always been a symbol of good luck in love, hearts that beat together. This card can also act as a talisman to attract your partner.

Dolphins origami

dolphin kirigamiBeautiful origami card with dolphins swim inside. Very simple in execution. Give a playful mood and sea smell.

Origami deer

origami deerOrigami deer of tea bag by June Maekawa. The scheme is simple and the instructions are very detailed. This paper miracle for a morning cup of tea is always uplifting.

Frog by Jun Maekawa

Frog by Jun MaekawaOrigami frog by Jun Maekawa. Comfortable and good instruction pictures will be your acolytes. Complex scheme you need patience to get it.

Horse by Jun Maekawa

horse jun maekawa origamiOrigami Horse by Jun Maekawa. Exquisite model of a true master. Detailed illustrations and instructions to help you recreate the complex model of this noble animal.

Horse by Hideo Komatsu

Horse by Hideo KomatsuHorse figure is quite interesting and complex in execution. Folds in this figure significantly transmit four horse legs, neck and tail. For careful implementation of this work is recommended to large sheet of paper. But the result is worth the labor that will give you pleasure, the assembly is invaluable.