ALL origami instructions

When folding sculpture in the style of origami uses one sheet of paper (often square), and it is used to different types of folds in a certain sequence.

In the classic origami not use glue and scissors (this kirigami), but now many have started to combine all methods of folding paper sculptures under the word Origami.

When folding models often try to follow a specific pattern assembly, having worked previously known origami masters. For you, we have tried to collect in one place the best instructions origami.

Wedding carriage kirigami

wedding carriage kirigami instructionWedding carriage in the style of kirigami. In the manufacture of this model using heavy paper, otherwise a coach can get flimsy and unstable.

Swan origami by Roman Diaz

swan origami roman diazVery original origami swan instruction from the master Roman Diaz. Detailed explanations of the author to every step must help to facilitate the folding of the swan.

Pagoda origami

Pagoda 3d origamiPagoda - Multi-storey tower, used as a temple. Rather complex origami model, but very original. Pagoda on pillar contains small parts and will have to work hard to repeat that it is on paper.

Octagonal box origami

Octagonal box origamiColorful octagonal box origami. The diagram illustrated in some detail and contains the necessary explanations. I hope that you will spend time with pleasure. Good luck.

Longhorn beetle by Robert Lang

Longhorn beetle origami LangComplex origami model from the master Robert Lang. Instruction consists of more than 60 steps, many of which require certain skills in origami.

Wedding Angels

wedding angels origamiWedding Angels always look very cute and beautiful. After completing their paper in the style of kirigami you are sure to make a highlight in the romantic evening.

Horse origami by David Brill

Horse origami BrillI have this model origami is associated with the great horse knight Don Quixote. The scheme belongs to master origami David Brill. It contains additional explanations and beginners will be pretty hard to understand it.

3d card with the word Happy

happy card origami3d card with the word Happy. This is a very simple model kirigami, it is ideal for beginners. And be able to please your loved ones.

Frog origami by Roman Diaz

frog origamiFunny version of origami frog from the master Roman Diaz. Despite the simplicity of instruction frog gets quite original look.

Fortune Teller origami

Fortune Teller origamiBeautiful crafts out of paper - Fortune Teller. Model sure to please your kids. Instruction is very simple and is subject to even novice. Upon completion of the folding markers paint the model, and apply to the inner parts of some predictions. This can be for example the answers Yes, No, Maybe, etc.

Deer kirigami

deer kirigami instructionVery nice proud a deer in the style of kirigami. You can use this model as an original greeting card, or just to decorate the interior.

Beautiful origami box

Beautiful origami boxVery interesting box of paper. This crafts can be used for packing small gift, if you make it out of the beautiful paper medium density. Instructions assembly is quite simple. To realize it you will need the 8 square sheets of origami paper.

Lily Kusudama

Lily Kusudama

This kusudama going from 13 buds lilies, coupling scheme which you can find on our website ...

Modular Origami Cube

Origami Cube modular schemeThis is just one of the many variants of the modular origami cube consisting of 12 modules. The links of the cube is quite easy to folding, the very same assembly module will require ...

Rabbit origami

the Rabbit in the style of the origami Simple to make, but very cute rabbit, which is suitable for teaching kids the basics of origami ...

Frog jumping

origami frogThis is a classic model of a frog that does not require descriptions, I think everyone had met previously with this model. This mobile model. Doing it out of construction paper, the frog will be able to jump high enough.

Origami star, of the modules

modular Origami star

the Model modular origami The star is formed on the basis of 5-identical modules. The complexity of the assembly will not be difficult, except for the last stage. Well, anyway, I wish you success.

Ring of the dollar

Ring of origami out of the dollar Extravagant ring origami of the dollar bill. The scheme of the ring is quite simple, despite the rather extensive scheme of addition ...

A gift box with a rose

A box with a rose on top of origamiElegant gift box origami-style, with a rose on a lid. Manufacturing Boxes shown in detail in a video instruction.

Heart from paper strips

Origami heart of the strips The heart of the strips of paper in origami style is perfect for Valentine's Day, and other manifestations of attention and love.