ALL origami instructions

When folding sculpture in the style of origami uses one sheet of paper (often square), and it is used to different types of folds in a certain sequence.

In the classic origami not use glue and scissors (this kirigami), but now many have started to combine all methods of folding paper sculptures under the word Origami.

When folding models often try to follow a specific pattern assembly, having worked previously known origami masters. For you, we have tried to collect in one place the best instructions origami.

Rabbit wietnames money

rabbit origamiThis rabbit was designed for folding with wietnames money whichhas the dimensions are close to 1X2. You can olso use a scquare by folding two edges to the center, and the result wont have color-change. For best result use a 1X2 rectangle and wet - folding.

Plane super boom

plane super boomThe plane origami super boom. A very simple model of the seven steps and it is in your hands.

Heart with tambourines

heart tambourinesThemes of love is never boring. Stylish and heart would be the best way to express his sympathy for both men and women. The scheme is very simple in execution fit any paper. Not be difficult to distract from office work and at half-time to create a small miracle.

Tea rose origami

tea rose origamiTea rose origami is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Folding process model is not very complex, but may require a creative approach in some places. Little technical issues..

Frog Kawasaki

Frog KawasakiFunny frog Kawasaki. Origami average complexity. The scheme is very interesting. Frog is simply gorgeous and brings a smile. By the way it also can be used as a case of origami Halloween.

Postcard origami swans

swan origamiPostcard origami swans. The scheme is simple to implement, just a few minutes in your hands such beauty! Two swans have always been a symbol of good luck in love, hearts that beat together. This card can also act as a talisman to attract your partner.

Sakuradama origami

sakuradamaSakuradama is another option kusudammy. In the final form looks Kusudama built of 12 cherry blossoms, from this very name. a model of modular origami. for its implementation you will need to fold the 30 modules. It is better to use a paper medium density, otherwise Kusudama can get pretty flimsy.

Frame for photo origami style

frame for photoFrame for photo in Hand Made style. Always important and necessary. Well make a frame for your favorite photos with your hands, making them a favorite color, texture and even decorating to your taste. Such a frame with your photo may be a gift for loved ones and give them warm.

Heart with a necktie

Heart with a tieOrigami compliment. Heart with a tie that already makes it masculine. Excellent opportunity to make a compliment or priznatsya in love. May be thematic in Valentine's Day. "All the world loves a lover))!"

Dolphins origami

dolphin kirigamiBeautiful origami card with dolphins swim inside. Very simple in execution. Give a playful mood and sea smell.

Origami deer

origami deerOrigami deer of tea bag by June Maekawa. The scheme is simple and the instructions are very detailed. This paper miracle for a morning cup of tea is always uplifting.

Frog by Jun Maekawa

Frog by Jun MaekawaOrigami frog by Jun Maekawa. Comfortable and good instruction pictures will be your acolytes. Complex scheme you need patience to get it.

Horse by Jun Maekawa

horse jun maekawa origamiOrigami Horse by Jun Maekawa. Exquisite model of a true master. Detailed illustrations and instructions to help you recreate the complex model of this noble animal.

Horse by Hideo Komatsu

Horse by Hideo KomatsuHorse figure is quite interesting and complex in execution. Folds in this figure significantly transmit four horse legs, neck and tail. For careful implementation of this work is recommended to large sheet of paper. But the result is worth the labor that will give you pleasure, the assembly is invaluable.

Origami Concord

concorde origamiOrigami Concord is one of the fastest aircraft. This is the original model airplane going in seven stages. Will complement your clothing collection of aircraft.

Gorgeous bouquet origami

gorgeous bouquet origamiGorgeous bouquet of origami-style, they can be decorated with any card and please your loved ones. You can make any changes to it, which is closer to you. Just want to warn you that you will need patience and knowledge of basic techniques to cope with this task.

Leaves of paper

leaves paperSimple origami from square sheet of paper, can be done even from the sticker. Easy performed a small miracle that can be used in the decorations in the interior and applique.

Origami vase

Origami vaseVery simple instructions origami vase. To make the vase using a square sheet of heavy paper larger than 25 cm.